The Valley of Gwangi

Tiny Horses! Purple Dinosaurs! Crazy rodeo antics! Desert as far as the eye can see! Phil's Ray Harryhausen extravaganza continues! Want to see a man ...View Details

Jason and the Argonauts

Bare-chested men welcome you to another Twofold episode. We start off with another theme, Phil's Ray Harryhausen movies!   Peaking and Tim's Beer (0:0...View Details


Tim once had a white t-shirt with the Clockers title on it. The Story About The T-Shirt (02:30)Jake's Thoughts on the Movie, Clockers (12:08)Clockers ...View Details


Nicktoons! - "Phil"Cosmotologists and Wood Chippers (1:56)Recalling the Last Episode (10:05)Talking About Nickelodeon (15:18)Rugrats (28:00)Hey Arnold...View Details

To the Ends of Time

"This is the epic movie Markus made in 1994 that played in theaters all over the world. It’s a romantic storybook fantasy with flying ships, castles a...View Details

Yankee Zulu

A long time ago, in the 1990s, in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia young boys would gather around their television sets to witness the great South A...View Details

Kids of the Round Table

We are back, Season 2 baby! We are doing themes this time! The theme of the next couple of episodes will be "Movies Tim watched as a child, and hasn't...View Details

Fatman & Rare Exports

There it is. December 2020. Our final episode of the year. We had a great time recording all the episodes and we hope you had fun listening. Thank you...View Details

#Alive & 28 Days Later

Mrhhhhh brhhhhhh, hmrrrrrrrgggg. Braaaaainsssss, mhrrrrrrrrhhhhh. Brraaaaghhhhhh, hurrrrrr. Hmmmmrrrrrr phhhhrrrrrriiiil jhhhhhaaakhhhhh aaaaanhhhhhhn...View Details

Cold winter night in New Your City. Jake and his trusty guitar are hailing the approaching taxi. 3 dollars and 10 cents in his pocket. Will it be enou...View Details

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