Knives Out

Tim spoke in the car about the hole in the center of this donut. And, yes, what Jake and Phil did that fateful night seems at first glance to fill tha...View Details

The Old Guard

By the old guard and by the new, this podcast shall remain immortal and forever true. Hold our oath, deliver on time, even if we never earn a dime. At...View Details

A Whisker Away

Meow meow, meeeeow meow meooow meow. Meow meow! Meow Phil, meow meow meow meeooooow Tim, meow Jake. Meeeow, meeeow Netflix, meooow A Whisker Away meoo...View Details

We promised, and we deliver! The very first Twofold commentary, of the 1996 classic Dragonheart! Enjoy <3 Phil, Tim & Jake

Best Episode Ever

Tim is gone! Jake and Phil are here! What could possibly go wrong!? Will they stay on topic? What topics will they bring? Can the podcast be sustained...View Details

Have a Good Trip

Is that even a real movie? Look, listen, the whole situation is still iffy, nothing new coming out. Netflix doesn't have anything decent new out, besi...View Details


Twas a rainy night, the boys were driving in their trusty van, looking for the famous McDonalds in Romania, where they serve the legendary ţuică. 70's...View Details


Out there, nowhere, in the middle of the deadly and endless bush, the boys live out their days drinking, talking to chickens, and jumping from high cl...View Details

Frozen II

Theatres are frozen over, the dreadful Covid-19 pandemic still holds control of all movie distribution. Big studios push deadlines, smaller releases o...View Details

1917 & ?

As the COVID-19 lockdown continues, and all cinemas are closed, the boys struggle to find interesting new movies to watch and talk about. Not even str...View Details

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