Ok listen, Johnny here. Yes, it's true i do all the mixing and editing. And it's not my fault, these lazy asses always blame me for everything. So here, so everyone knows, it's not my fault this episode is late! Also i liked Luca, but no one ever ask me. I need to eat some sugar. 


Tim's Fear and Delusions, Travel in 2020 (02:16)
Talk About Newt (09:51)
Pixar List of Things We Saw (11:42)

What is Luca About (18:32)
The Visuals of Luca (24:57)
The Emotional Relevancy To Adults (26:54)
Accents in Films (41:51)
"A Certain Flatness" (48:11)
Voices and Lookalikes (56:45)

Concluding Remarks (1:00:23)

DreamWorks and Illumiation Movies (1:02:27)

Who is this Pista? Who is FVLCRVM?


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