Yesterday & Help!

A new episodes arrives! This time the boys take a little break from summer blockbusters and head on to Yesterday, the movie! And if that wasn't enough Beatle mania, they go even further back in time, to 1965 when the Beatles made movies of their own. Musical comedy or long music video? Nobody knows! Find out on today's episode of TWOFOLD!


Movie 1: Yesterday 

About the Beatles  (5:31)

Talking the Movie (24:55)


Song Break: Great Time - Rushin' (1:07:10)

Baltic Porters and Lord of the Rings (1:10:54)

Movie 2: Help!

Talking Help and the Beatles (1:27:45)


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Beer Selection: 

Tim: Gooseberry Elderflower Sour, Baltic Porter

Jake: Mihovil Blonde Ale, Zmajska Pozoj

Phil: Tapwater



Great Time - Rushin' [music video]


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