Uncut Gems & Ridiculous 6

COVID-19 is here, and the boys are unable to attend the local theaters to check out the brand new hit movies. But it looks like the studios are hesitant to release the brand new hit movies, so it doesn't matter much. Instead they turn to their televisions, in the comfort of their homes and check out the streaming hits of this year. Specifically they catch up on Adam Sandler's Uncut Gems, the highest rated movie of the actor on Rotten Tomatoes. But instead of just calling it after that movie, (I mean this is TWOFOLD podcast) they make the grievous mistake and watch the lowest rated movie of Adam Sandler on Rotten Tomatoes, another Netflix movie called, Ridiculous 6. Do they survive, and live to tell the tale of a movie that has 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes? FIND OUT, TONIGHT ON TWOFOLD PODCAST!


Movie 1: Uncut Gems

Passion of the Sandler - 01:32

Talking about Adam Films - 20:02

The Pawn Shop - 37:28

The Way the Movie Was Shot - 48:17

Ending of the Moopie - 53:14


Intermission: Timo the Forgetter - Fart Gas Butt Poops A.K.A Spoilers - 1:07:11


Movie 2: The Ridiculous Six 

Oh Boy Oh Boy - 01:07:51

Little Chuckles - 01:12:34

Conclusion - 1:18:28

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