As the last day and last hour approaches, the boys scramble to their microphones. Jake, master of hosting this week is struck by unimaginable luck! Not only are the movies  Triple Frontier and A Most Violent Year connected by actors but by directors too! Oscar Isaac, Jason Isaacs, J. C. Chandor, and many more connections were discovered, which you can find out on tonight’s episode of TWOFOLD!



Movie 1: Triple Frontier

The Story of the Triple (11:20)

What is the Story Telling Us (26:21)

For Whom The Bell Tolls and Thoughts (39:20)



Town Portal - Roko's Basilisk (57:35)

About the Song and Beer and Cereal film students, Rambo, and Sting (1:05:00)


Movie 2: A Most Violent Year

It's a Movie Set In New York (1:33:02)

Mafia Business! (1:46:20)

Parallels to Real Life (2:08:55)

Final Thoughts (2:20:29)



On Being Podcast 


Beer Selection:

Phil: To je vuk! - Lepi Dečki BreweryBijelo - PriMarius

Jake: Dragon's Pint - Zmajska PivovaraLively Neon - Varionica

Tim: Mikkeller - Hazy and Sally, Chipotle Porter  



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