The Valley of Gwangi

Tiny Horses! Purple Dinosaurs! Crazy rodeo antics! Desert as far as the eye can see! Phil's Ray Harryhausen extravaganza continues! Want to see a man snap a pterodactyl's neck? Step right in! For todays episode of TWOFOLD PODCAST!


YouTube 'Documentaries' and TV (03:09)
The Valley of Gwangi -----
Discovering Gwangi (17:09)
Harryhausen's History (21:46)
Valley of Gwangi - the Story! (34:13)
Just Not Getting Into It (42:03)
"At Least Jason was, like, Random" (1:01:49)
There's a New Age of Empires! (1:06:30)
Remakes, and Godzilla vs. Kong (1:13:55)


Tim's Fall of the Sumerian's
Phil's Animal Planet

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