The Old Guard

By the old guard and by the new, this podcast shall remain immortal and forever true.

Hold our oath, deliver on time, even if we never earn a dime.

Atleast one movie we shall watch, even if it doesn't have a match.

We may have lost the brew, and even the the music queue,

but to our dear Johny boy, we will remain faithfull.


We are TWOFOLD PODCAST -  Phil, Tim and Jake.


Slim Pickings 02:06

3D Software 07:36

Tim is a BIKING Man Now 16:20


The Old Guard


Summer and Hot and Fresh 25:19

Is it Triple Extraction? 29:00

Smelling of Extinction 36:37

Immortality Discussion 42:35

Sexy Vladimir Putin 57:50

This Music 59:06

In Summary 1:01:27


Jake's iPhone Story of Selling 1:10:27

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