That gent is gone, but feareth not, only f'r one episode. While Phil wand'rs 'round the lands of Japan, Paula jumps in to speak of two Shakespeare influenc'd movies. First we behold the brand new Netflix drama The King, and then we shaketh it up with some nineties Romeo + Juliet. Can Jake and Tim handleth a podcast on their owneth? Can these gents findeth any connection betwixt these movies?! Is any of this coequal real?!! Is anybody out th're?!?! Findeth out on tonight’s episode of TWOFOLD


Bef're we starteth:

8:24 - Tim’s Moving Experience

17:15 - Paula and Jake’s Being Locked Out Experience

24:20 - The Drinks of the Show

30:00 - Shakespeare Talk


Movie 1: The King

39:25 - Emo King



1:17:42 - Johnny’s Select Song

1:19:40 - Imaginary Friends Talk

1:29:12 - Jake’s Recent McDonald’s Story

1:34:12 - Drinks Round Two

1:34:50 - Phil Talk


Movie 2: Romeo + Juliet

1:44:00 - City of Verona


Closing thoughts:

2:16:20 - Paula Rates Her Podcasting Experience


Beer Selection:

Jake & Paula: Gin and Tonic 


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