The Irishman & In Bruges

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Join the TWOFOLD union! Where we all are equal! No shady underground business here! Nope, just regular blue collar workers doing their jobs, who only want to make a good ol’ livin’! Every now and then we need to fill out a survey , but that’s it! I mean, there is The Irishman, he is a bit weird, I wouldn't trust that guy, but even when he gets a bit violent you can count on good ol’ Al Pacino and Joe Pesci to calm him down! And there are Colin and Brendan, the true Irishmen! What a fun couple of fellas, though I think they are In Bruges at the moment. Oh well, great worker’s union we have, you should join! TONIGHT


Movie 1: The Irishman 

It's Based on the Book (02:18)

De-Aging (06:08)

Real Violence (10:58)

The Journey of DeNiro (18:28)

What About this Movie (33:05)



Jacob 2-2 - Galaxy Galleria (45:35)

Vaporwave (50:21)

Fentimans Cola (52:56)

Survey Request (59:00)

Jake and Memes (1:06:41)

The Case of the Jam in the Cake (1:09:55)

Lion King 2019 (1:12:59)


Movie 2: In Bruges

The Wacky Ness (1:17:48)

Different Experiences (1:25:09)

A Point Where (1:29:36)

Paul McDoogle (1:31:51)

In Conclusion (1:34:19)



Thug Jake

Podcast Survey 


Beverage Selection:

Phil: Gin & Tonic

Tim: Fentimans Curiosity Cola

Jake: Gin & Tonic


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