Episode VI: Phil Strikes Back. He has returned as host-man, and there was much rejoicing. Even though his co-starts question his movie choices: this year’s biggest box-office bomb The Goldfinch and oddly enough the second highest grossing film of 1995: Batman Forever. Surprisingly it inspires them to talk for hours. TWO hours to be exact. What do they talk about? Find out on tonight’s episode of TWOFOLD


Before we start:

The Part with the Drinks (3:01)

Podcast Hopes (11:37)


Movie 1: The Goldfinch

What Do We Think (16:22)

Going through the Different Stories (30:18)



EyeLoveBrandon - Paraíso (1:06:02)

Talking About Berlin, Beers  (1:10:05)


Movie 2: Batman Forever

Why Is Batman Forever? (1:21:13)

The Story of Gotham's Finest (1:38:07) 


Closing thoughts:

What We Learned (2:07:38)

Special Mentions! & The Phil Masterpiece (2:10:35)


Beer Selection:

Phil: Blue Lagoon Alcoholic Cocktail

Jake: Fifth Element, Zmaijska Pivara -  Porter

Tim: Clockwork Tangerine, Sonic Boom

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