The Devil All the Time

Ok so, listen i have gone pretty mental with these descriptions, i have to admit. Let me apologise first. And resume with normal human language. I promise i will try harder. So this time we watched The Devil All the Time, Phil the host of this episode, the dumb ass he is, thought it was a funny movie. Ok sorry, here i go again. No just normal description, no commentary, no meta jokes, nothing. I promise. So it's this new Netflix movie, rona days, stuck inside, no movie theatres. And yeah, Tim and Jake were also there. What do you think of our podcast? Honestly, does anyone read these? Let me know, like tweet #twofoldpodcast and then like a sneaky #savejohnny , i will find you. Don't worry. So yeah. Wooo! Another episode. 


Venture Capitalists (01:40)

Phil's Pheelings (04:29)

The Epic Synopis (16:14)

Going Through 'Traumatic' Content Of The Youth (22:19)

The Spielberg Depression Trilogy (40:13)

That Perception, Music, and Death (43:45)

Finally Back To The Movie! (55:16)

The Rewatchability Or Something (1:04:21)

Batman Six-Pack (1:18:35)

Tim's X-Men (1:20:32)

The End (1:28:35)


Mitchell Webb Publisher Skit

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