It's year 2029, the terminator model Ph-1000 has been lost, and wandering the streets of Tokyo for 10 years. After discovering the rare time travel bracelet dispenser machine, in a 3D CGI anime peep show back alley, he travels back in time to join his fellow terminator models T-808 and J-7 for another riveting podcast episode.

The now reunited terminator models celebrate with beers and watching their favorite terminators on the big screen. With Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Terminator: Dark Fate they get to watch their hero T-800 (Model 101) have a redemption arc twice! Can the young whipper-snapper filmmakers top the almighty Cameron? Can the T-808 handle a 1 liter can of IPA?! Does anyone even care about the terminator franchise?!? Find out on today's episode of TWOFOLD


Movie 1: Terminator: Dark Fate

The Terminator Films 1:28

Tim's Terminator Story & Start of Dark Fate 9:49

The Scary Concept 28:54

Was There a Better Fate? 32:24

Carl, the Terminator 35:36

In Conclusion 40:43



Taro&Jiro - Unicorn 50:39

The Cool Beers 56:46

Phil in Japan 58:58

Japan Lighting Round 1:27:24


Movie 2: Terminator 2: Judgement Day

So Terminator 1:41:08

The Tone of T2 1:51:06

In Conclusion 2:00:19



Music of Terminator 2


Beer Selection:

Phil: Zmajska Pivovara - Cyclone

Tim: 1 liter IPA

Jake: Lepi Decki - The Darkside 


*Updated Broken Audio

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