It's the year 1989, two boys were about to be born on the same day. Comfortably napping within their mother's wombs, separated by the Atlantic Ocean, blissfully unaware of the events that would come to pass. But a month before the due date, one of them decides it's time. No one knows why it happened, the only clue the doctors received was a single line from the freshly born child Tim: "Phil, my sputnik wants to meet you". TWOFOLD PODCAST.


  • We Do Have Feedback and DragonHeart fan-cast! (1:49)
  • Jake and Spooky Movies (13:11)
  • About Sputnik 2020 (20:27)
  • Perception of the Characters (27:25)
  • Something about Editing (37:16)
  • The Creeaaature (44:41)
  • Aspect Ratio Rant (52:20)
  • Quibi and Apple Vertical (1:01:55)
  • Cameo and Bye Bye! (1:05:03)


Sputnik Alien Concept Art

Frank's Podcast



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