Twas a rainy night, the boys were driving in their trusty van, looking for the famous McDonalds in Romania, where they serve the legendary ţuică. 70's instrumental music was playing in the background, when a spooky Ronald McDonald Ghost jumped from the tree right in front on them. He let out the most villainous cackle, amplified by a plate reverb. It sent shivers down their spines! Will they survive? Will they find out who is behind the spooky retired fast-food chain maskot?! FIND OUT TONIGHT, ON TWOFOLD PODCAST!



The Scoob CG 03:11

The Deakins Podcast 05:23

Synopsis 10:06

The Right Opinion 13:25

Digital Cinematography 18:07

Is it Scooby-Doo? 23:49


OG Scooby and HB Cartoons

Scooby Spooks! 44:13

Scary Cartoon Memories 53:00 (Lisa Vamp Turn & Johnny Q Werewolf)

Why is it So Hard to make a Scoob Movie? 1:04:03

Many Other Hannah-Barbera TV Shows 1:14:54

In Conclusion 1:28:20

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