Onward & Homeward

Week 3 of self of social distancing and self-isolation, the boys once again look Onward to streaming services to find a movie to watch Homeward. Ok that's bit of a stretch, that sentence doesn't make that much sense, but who cares. We make it work. we haven't done this combination yet, a new Pixar movie, paired with an Asylum ripoff? This is gonna be great, or will it?! FIND OUT TONIGHT, ON TWOFOLD PODCAST.


Movie 1: Onward 

The Pixar Propaganda 3:12

Your Onward Investment 15:32

Some Details on the Film 27:36

Biker Pixies 34:31


Intermission: Ryan Lerman - The American Dream 40:31


Movie 2: Homeward

The Asylum Studio 47:31

Other One-Man CG Movies 53:30

The Story of Homeward 56:18

In Conclusion 1:13:45



Joshua and the Promised Land 


Half-Life: Full Life Consequences 





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