It's year 1864, the Civil War rages on, as the three little women Phil, Tim & Jake make do with what their family has, and learn the ups and downs of growing up. Will Phil learn to love?! Will Tim die from the scarlet fever! Or will Jake become the painter he always wanted to be, and marry a handsome rich lord?! Find out, tonight on TWOFOLD PODCAST!


Movie 1: Little Women

Movie 2: Little Women


Straight Up Little Women 00:44

Ever Heard of this Story Before? 08:34

What Tickled Your Fancy 14:58

I Was Born in the Wrong Century 32:21

Comparing the Cast Part 1 40:41


Intermission: Ryan Lerman - Half of the Way 43:12


Comparing the Scenes 46:39

Character Comparison Part 2 57:15

Moments To Ponder About 1:11:40

Economic Situations in the mid-1800s 1:16:13

This Movie Won Some Awards 1:27:40


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