THEY ARE BACK! Just in time to stop Hitler! But it's ok, these Hitlers aren't as intimidating as the OG Führer him self. One is played by the legendary Charlie Chaplin and the other by the ever so delightful Taika Waititi. Will they stop the greatest villain in modern history?! Do they make it out alive?! DO THEY LEARN SOMETHING?!?!! FIND OUT TONIGHT, ON TWOFOLD PODCAST! 


Movie 1: Jojo Rabbit

The Desaturation & Expectation 11:00

World War II Memories 20:43

Shouldn't We Be Beyond This 36:53

More Jojo Rabbit Now 39:49


Intermission: Lucy Gootch - Sun 56:52


Movie 2: The Great Dictator

What About Chaplin 1:08:36

The Vibe of The Great Dictator 1:18:52

Comparing it to newer Films 1:18:52

Blocking in older Movies 1:26:49


Before we end: It's nice to be back 1:29:05

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