Another two weeks whoosh by, and another TWOFOLD episode is here! But not as fast and furious as two hero turned villains from our first movie to the day: Hobbs and Shaw! But are they fast and furious enough for inspector Tequila and his unlikely partner Alan from the 1992 John Woo classic Hard Boiled?! Find out on today's episode of TWOFOLD!


Movie 1: Hobbs & Shaw

Fast and Furios Lore (07:38)

Talking the Movie (24:55)



Then Came Hupapaan - Satiin (1:02:12)

Tim's Moviepass News & Basic Podcast (1:05:15)


Movie 2: Hard Boiled

Talking about Hard Boiled, the movie (1:22:57)

Loose Cannon Tequila (1:39:02)

Parts of the film (1:48:01)

Wide Angle and Short Angle (1:58:10)

Tequila Learning (2:05:1)


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Beer Selection:

Jake: Polar Monkeys (Blue Collar Amber Lager), Polar Monkeys (India Pale Ale)

Tim: Guinness Stout, Budvar Pale Lager Original

Phil: Fruit Tea, Bushmill's Irish Whiskey


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