Frozen II

Theatres are frozen over, the dreadful Covid-19 pandemic still holds control of all movie distribution. Big studios push deadlines, smaller releases on VOD. The boys decide to cut down on the movie count, and just go with one movie this time. And that movie is Frozen II! WHY?! FIND OUT, ON TONIGHT'S EPISODE OF TWOFOLD PODCAST! Oh yeah, they talk about some Disney movies too, and chicken nuggets again...


Tim's Horror Chances 1:36

Phil's Chili Workout Adventure 3:05

The Target Audience and Animation 09:39

What's your Disney Jam 21:11

Character Design and Production Design 24:42

Songs and Glory 33:59

"Let It Go" With No Music But Sounds 37:35

Making Animation 44:06

Random Topics with Jake and Tim and Phil 53:48

Pokémon Cards & God Of War 1:03:41

What's In the Works at Disney 1:10:54

Chicken Nuggets Return and The End 1:18:23


Join Then Came Hupapaan!

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