Cold winter night in New Your City. Jake and his trusty guitar are hailing the approaching taxi. 3 dollars and 10 cents in his pocket. Will it be enough to get to the studio to record the newest episode of Twofold Podcast? It has to. He is the host of the episode. Phil and Tim are probably already there. Laughing and having whisky. He is the host, he has to be there. He did pick the movies this time. He has to. Right as the taxi is about to stop in front of him. The phone rings. It's Johnny. 


"Hey buddy, I saw the movies you picked, it's gonna be a good episode. I'm sending over the car, so you are not late. Cheers mate." 


Synopsises of the Movies with Jake (3:13)

Updates of The Twofold Lives and Driving Story (7:10)

A Man of Music but not a Music Man (20:56)

Different in Technique (30:33)

These Two Choices where things go Right (42:55)

Opportunity and Cat Philosophy (52:45)

More Talk About What You Want (1:05:20)

Looks and Conclusion (1:19:35)

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