Out there, nowhere, in the middle of the deadly and endless bush, the boys live out their days drinking, talking to chickens, and jumping from high cliffs to chill in cold waters and reflect on their past. But above the tree line a rumble can be heard. Is it a kangaroo in heat? A wombat snoring? Or is just a platypus sharpening its deadly poisonous sting?! No it's a helicopter. We've all seen enough 80's action movies to know what that means. Chris Hemsworth jumps out, and proclaims, "New mission, boys." Extraction. Another fortnight has passed, and another movie must be extracted (we are still doing the 1 movie thing, let us know, do you like like this better?) and talked about, the podcast world depends on it! What movie will it be?! Find out TONIGHT, ON TWOFOLD PODCAST!

Then Came Chris 0:00
Papa John's Pizza 03:42
White Castle Now 16:33

EXTRACTION (bububuum)

What is Extraction About 17:46
Jake's Early Action Hero Days 20:52
Similar to The Raid 28:14
Controversial Points 41:31
Action VIDEO GAMES 51:31

Then Came Hupapaan - Lost & Found 1:04:23

Bag o' Crisps 1:07:48
Tim's Big News! 1:12:25
Minecraft and Ending 1:16:49

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