Welcome to the spooky edition of the Twofold Podcast! Two spooky predictions were made on the previous episode! One about the podcast going back to its roots and having two movies up for discussion, and another prediction that they will be spooky movies! But unlike made up spooks like ghouls, goblins and ghosts, todays scares come from the real world! Ooooh!

We watched the new Netflix documentary David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet about how humanity has put the diverse ecosystem of our planet in danger and how it will result in our own doom!

And then the much older documentary, also released by Netflix, 3 weeks ago! OOOH! The Social Dilemma, about how social media effects society and the mental health of individuals!


What About The Social Dilemma (03:30)

Netbooks and Web 1.0 (07:02)

No Internet for a Year (18:01)

Pattern of Behaviours (26:14)

Politics Oh Noooo (41:17)

Air Traffic Control? (49:19)

What Would You Live Without on the Internet? (1:02:19)

The Big Hits: Ideology, Nature! (1:07:44)

Changing Lives (1:21:57)

All I would Like (1:31:12)

In Conclusion...? (1:36:49)

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