Clash of the Titans

Ray Harryhausen is back! Ray and Phil talk about his classic 80's claymation and sandals Clash of the Titans. Ray and Phil are old buddies, back in California, they use to sit in in ray's beachfront villa, watch the red sun sink in to the pacific ocean and drinking Paul Masson wine. Mahaa! Who is this? Orsen, you have come too? Yeah man, pull a chair, light a cigar and let's talk about clay. A guy has a tail in this movie btw. Weird looking dude. Cursed by Zeus, cuz he was like naughty or what ever. Hey, whats your favourite Ray Harryhausen movie? 

Imperial Coffees, Beers, Drinks (0:00)
Our Old Episodes of Twofold (03:04)

Clash of the Titans! (24:19)

I watched it with Open Eyes! (36:12)
Ancient Greece (42:09)
The Great Swords and Sandals Reboot Debate (44:09)
Spectacle and Modern Audiences (56:30)

Wrapping Up the Titans (1:19:36)

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