Best Episode Ever

Tim is gone! Jake and Phil are here! What could possibly go wrong!? Will they stay on topic? What topics will they bring? Can the podcast be sustained without Timo!? Tune in to the brand-spanking-new episode of TWOFOLD PODCAST and find out!


Phil and Jake In Convo Vibes 1:53

Movie Theater Recap 10:10

Kevin Murphy's Poorly Remembered Book 18:22

Phil Marvel Studios Movies 23:51

Jake's Strange Tale 26:21

Phil Yapping about Civil War 31:02

Your Generation's 'Star Wars' Part 1 36:57

Phil Watched the LOTR Video 41:37

Your Generation's 'Star Wars' Part 2 46:21

I like Blockbuster Films 50:49

Subconcious Film Inspirations 59:45


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Our old podcast: Phil and Jake in Conversation

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