#Alive & 28 Days Later

Mrhhhhh brhhhhhh, hmrrrrrrrgggg. Braaaaainsssss, mhrrrrrrrrhhhhh. Brraaaaghhhhhh, hurrrrrr. Hmmmmrrrrrr phhhhrrrrrriiiil jhhhhhaaakhhhhh aaaaanhhhhhhnnnnddddd thiiiiiiiimmmmmm.


The Movies About Zombies and Phil Tries To Summarize Again (01:44)

Tim and Phil Game Makers (8:27)

Jake's Car (21:10)

What About Zombies (27:38)

Suspension of Disbelief (41:20)

Comparisons (55:59)

Video Cameras (59:00)

More Comparisons with other films (1:06:27)

Phil's Younger Days Of Movies (1:26:33)

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