Ad Astra & Solaris

The boys leave earth and take a journey through the vast expanse that is the known universe. First they fly past the planet Neptune as they observe this fall’s sci-fi extravaganza Ad Astra. As they leave our solar system, they bend time and reason and end up on an ocean planet named Solaris, which shares the name of their second film of the night. Do they come back home in one piece? Do they manage to keep their sanity?! Does Phil do his homework and answer the big question?!? Find out on tonight’s episode of TWOFOLD


Before we start:

Keeping up with the Jakes (4:00)

The Beer Corner (12:09)


Movie 1: Ad Astra

Movie Theatre Confusion (15:40)

Ad Astra's Impressions (20:07)

Letting Go of the Capsule (42:14)

Technical Questions (55:44)



Meitei - Nami (1:21:09)

5k Running and Gunning (1:24:59)

The "Phil Masterpieces" (1:33:28)


Movie 2: Solaris

What About Solaris (1:45:27)

The Framing,The Planet (2:02:12)

The Reason The Why & Tim's Field Trip (2:21:22)


Closing thoughts:

What we Learned! (2:24:11)


Beer Selection:

Phil: The Garden Brewery - Pilsner

Jake: Brew Dog - Punk IPA, Het Anker - Lucifer

Tim: Omnipollo - Mango Pineapple Passionfruit Peach Smoothie® Sour, The Lifers

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