A Whisker Away

Meow meow, meeeeow meow meooow meow. Meow meow! Meow Phil, meow meow meow meeooooow Tim, meow Jake. Meeeow, meeeow Netflix, meooow A Whisker Away meooow meow. Meow. Meow meooow meeeoooww? MEOOOW MEOOW?! Meeeow meow meow  meowww TWOFOLD PODCAST!


The Story of Johnny 3:38

Netflix and Boring Televisions 8:20


Movie: A Whisker Away

The Premise by Phil 19:29

First Anime Experience 23:46

Dragon Ball of Timothy 24:50

The First Anime I Saw 28:19

Why Anime Eyes 30:55

First Phil and Jake Anime 37:37

Why Phil likes Anime 51:00


About This Movie: 55:47


What Good Anime Have You Seen: 1:11:29

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